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Photo, Photo Photo Photo Photo Pics. Jpg uWed u Supplemental Update: The weekend has arrived, which means its time for another update. I received another report from a user who provided me information about an IRC channel that discussed pedophilia. Im not linking to the channel directly, but you can find the information you need to find it here: The user who brought this to my attention claimed to have received this information from a jekylland, a user who used to go by the name of Randall on an IRC channel called randi. The user claims that Randall is the person he contacted in an attempt to get help with his case. The user also claims that Randalls real name is John. The full IRC log has been saved, and my research of the logs has uncovered the following: – Two other participants discuss the case of a man who is obsessed with having sexual relations with animals. This is the mans real name, but the pseudonym is being used here in an effort to protect the identity of the client. Also note that the other participant who brought this issue to my attention has claimed, in his report, that the man being obsessed with having sexual relations with animals is not a real problem, but this is unproven, as the IRC logs have not disclosed whether the client is a human or an animal The client, according to the other participants, is an adult with a serious sexual disorder. – An adult participant claims to be the boyfriend of the mans daughter. He claims that he is the one who discovered the mans sexual interest in animals, and that the girl.

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