Several celebrities live with HIV or AIDS, and some have died of the disease…

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Re telling me there is some sort of a conspiracy to hide the truth about AIDS in America. Not complicated like 911 or complicated like the theory of evolution. A large group of people want this to happen because it would make life harder for people like them. D have to be more careful of how they lived their lives as well as how they thought about life and death in general. S a complex scenario that is hard to understand for most people. Re not willing to be educated on the complexities of the situation. S why were all here today. If it was true it could change our lives right. In fact the more important question to me is why do people keep lying about things. Re caught in a lie more people are more inclined to believe them. I know because I was one of those people that kept telling lies about HIV for a very long time. T even know that it was a disease until I became ill. T know about AIDS until you started getting ill. I just feel I should address that before we continue. Ve been working with the government to keep us safe and all.

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