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This sounds great, you just need to put in some work. You get your shit togetherYou take a deep breath and call up Amanda, to ask how to get a job at SEED Beauty. S not like this is your first time applying for jobs. S like Craigslist, but for beauty jobs. Re applying to jobs, they probably have their own job listing up on their site, and you just have to message them. S barking and I really hate leaving the house. You really need to get shit done, I know you do. Ll see what I can do to help you. You hang up and head down to the basement to start thinking things through. S voice is even but a bit bored. T been any new messages from the Craigslist job posting. You head back up to the room and call up your other housemates, since there were three of you living here, to see whether they want any help or not.

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