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SOUNDWHITE 02:24:12 02SOUNDWHITE 02:24:30 02SOUNDWHITE You go through your contacts and make sure youve saved everything. With a full bladder you head back to bed. You sleepYoure tired from everything youve been through today. Youre not too worried about your future, but youre a little disappointed. You thought you had a better life ahead of you. You rest for a bit then fall asleep. You awakeYou wake up and realize you have a lot more to do tomorrow. Youve been through a lot and more than you really want to go through again. You go through your contacts one more time, but its not a problem. You get a new voice message and you ignore it. You go on The EndYou grab a beer from under the counter, which had probably been empty by the time you arrived. So, you ask sarcastically, whats a guy to do when hes tired of the drinking, gambling, women and drugs. Let me guess; you were a serial killer. But its not as boring as you make it out to be. I guess the one thing you did tell me is to have fun. So if you could have another drink, Id be more than happy to oblige. You take a long drink before answering your phone, and leave. The next dayYou wake up early and head out the same door where it all began, the one you first met the vampire. You spend some time walking along the beach, drinking as much as you can. You dont have many options to get someplace else, since youre the only living being in the world capable of turning.

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