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We do not use the word celebrity to refer to ourselves. If we do, it is simply a fancy word for celebrity. You are a celebrity, in a sense, if you are the person who most impresses people. Its a bit of a cliche, but I think its the only one that covers what we are. I think there isnt much we dont do better than you, but in different areas. I know of no other area of our field of study in which we make such great strides while you stand around complaining. 9:48 PMAs for the idea of celebrities, I am not sure where you got that idea. I am neither famous, nor was I born into a wealthy family. And to be honest, this would be the first time Ive noticed your income, Also, I dont think it would be good for you to keep the fact that you are a celebrity up. I dont think you should let your fame go to your head, nor should you let it go to your head others. You may go on about it, but Id prefer if you didnt get yourself into trouble with it in the first place. Id also prefer if you didnt go to any of the celebrity parties that Ive heard about, seeing as they dont suit your tastes. Im not saying you have to go to a bar and act like a drunk at the bar, I can understand why youd want to avoid that but I can understand that youd prefer to go to a better place, even one that has a VIP section. Also, Id really like it if you would stop talking about being Turkish and about being a Turkish actress on social media. Its not that you shouldnt be proud of who you are, but just in case youre wondering, Im not a Muslim. Im also not married or in a relationship and I dont have any children. Im also not doing anything illegal, but again, I might have to ask your opinion on that if you continue to let your fame go to your head. 4:21 PMI dont want to talk about me on social media, please stop. 12:51 PMIm sorry, I just dont have the time to do this.

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