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D; E;;;, F;, G;;, H;;, M;;Image copyright AFP Image caption The men who raped Ms Sohrab were freed on bail on MondayNearly 20 days after a woman in south-east Turkey was gang-raped by 15 men, two of them on New Years Eve, her attackers have been freed on bail. One of the suspects, a policeman, has been freed after being taken in for questioning. The other, a man, has been freed after being released from custody on medical grounds. The man has been accused of sexually assaulting a 20-year-old woman in the city of Van. At least 20 of more than 30 people arrested in connection with the gang rape have been released without charge, reports say. The New Year Eve incident in the predominantly Kurdish town of Silivri involved about 30 migrants who were drinking in an apartment on the outskirts of Van when the woman and her friends were raped by one of the 15 men. Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption People have protested at the trial of some of the rapistsIt is unclear what has happened to the woman, who was taken to hospital as a result of the injuries she sustained. The victims had been returning from the cinema when they were attacked, reports said. The police spokesman for Van, Nuri Sahin, said there was no evidence the men had been drunk. A district court ruled on 27 January that the suspects be released, pending an investigation into the assault. The prosecutor is currently conducting an investigation, he said. Turkey has been plagued by a rise in violence between Kurdish militants and the Turkish state since a ceasefire collapsed last July. A wave of unrest across the country in July and August left about 1,400 people dead while the countrys Kurdish minority was targeted by a series of bombings blamed on Kurdish militant groups. Turkey says it has put down most of the militants attacks in the south-east, but says it cannot control the mountainous and semi-deserted border region with Syria. A few months ago I wrote an article regarding the 10-point checklist to help a manager to ensure that her employees do the right thing and do it right.

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