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And you can imagine, its going to be a lot easier than you thought since theres going to be more eyes on it. You walk into the shop and take what little you have on you. You look at all the boxes and see several types of merchandise. A few of the more colorful boxes are decorated with pictures of various things. The more mundane items include a few shirts, some of them a little dirty and torn but thats to be expected with being used. You grab one and hold it up as you try it on. It doesnt fit you too well, in fact it looks pretty small; youve got on a size L shirt and it barely fits. The item you grab is the most out of this world and it has a label that says WALL MATCHThis is it. You cant imagine what could possibly be inside. You look around and find that nobody is really looking and its not like you need to nowYou reach for the box and take out the item. Its a small rectangular box that is covered in something, You arent really sure what it is, You open it up and find your package and the item inside. A beautiful woman with white skin and jet black hair steps out. Yeah, I saw one during a tour of the ship. In exchange for this gift, she tells you to follow her outside where you find yourself in a small forest. Follow me, I want you to see the rest of the world. I mean, when I was a kid we never had TV on this ship. Everything I saw was just before the plague, not that theres anything wrong with that. The first time I ever saw nature was on my ship. You follow her and she makes a lot of noise. You can make the noise any way you want. She leads you to a large tree that has several large vines coming out of it. Youre not really sure what they do since they dont look like vines youve seen before, they look more like vines that can stretch out for.

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