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You are a great beautyAs you are a great beauty, you have many admirers, but they are all men. You do not care: you are so content simply being with yourself. You must goYou are a great beauty and you do not want anyone else to see you. It would not be right to make any more enemies. You must find somewhere else to live for a time. Perhaps a new, better-paying job, but not a permanent one. You leaveYou do not like the new place. There are two places you like better. One is the new place you found earlier: it is nice and warm and you like the people there; they are friendly. Another place is the old place: it is dull and cold and you do not like the people there; they are hostile to you. You would settle here: in a quiet corner, away from the noisy, noisy people. You agree to go to townYou do not like the new place. You are still satisfied and decide to stay with themYou are still satisfied. You decide to stay and learn more about your new home. You do not like it, but you must accept it. As a great beauty you do not have to hide yourself, even if it is a dull, cold place. You decide to move onYou move away, and you are happier for that. You decide to stayYou are not content to live in a dull, cold place that is not your home. You move on to a new placeYou move away again, although this time your new home seems a lot nicer: it is much nicer than the cold place. You are a great beauty and you have no need to hide yourself. You decide to move to a quiet cornerYou decide that you will move to the corner of another block, away from the noisy, noisy people. You will live in a corner of a quiet corner of a quiet corner.

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