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The most infamous of the sick stars:Celestine Voman is most famous for being a celebrity with a chronic illness: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, CFS The cause of CFS is unknown and there is no cure. Scott, CFS is a syndrome of the immune system that can arise from the following:The immune system in CFS consists of a dysfunctional response to triggers such as:Acetaminophen, the active substance in many over-the-counter pain relievers, is an NMDA antagonist. Because of the NMDA antagonist property, acetaminophen is a potent immunosuppressant. As a result of these immunosuppressive effects, a number of people with CFS experience a variety of disabling symptoms such as fatigue, pain, weakness, muscle spasms, cognitive dysfunctions, sleep disturbances, and anxiety. There is currently no biomarker other than the subjective experience of fatigue and pain. The number of people who have CFS is estimated at one in twenty-five, but up to one hundred times more likely to have it. In some cases, CFS appears in people who have been in a state of near-paralysis for many years, and their symptoms last for years. The symptoms of CFS are believed to have an inherited component, and if the genes that raise immunity are on the autism spectrum, it can be assumed that it is on the spectrum as well, and if it is on the autistic spectrum, it is probably more common. Some have suggested that CFS is caused by a chemical imbalance, a mental disorder or a hormonal imbalance and that the imbalance is caused by autism. In the scientific community, there is no consensus about which of these theories is correct. Nobody knows how the immune system will react to acetaminophen. There is no way to really quantify how many people with CFS have it, or how many people with other autoimmune diseases are affected by acetaminophen. The fact is that CFS is a chronic illness that is not curable, the fact that most of the scientific community is unwilling to acknowledge this is sad. There appears to be no solution, other than using acetaminophen judiciously, which has an adverse effect on the liver and will increase your chances of having a heart attack. The other way to treat the effects of acetaminophen on the immune system is to take Advil, hydrocodone It has a short history of use, but so far, they make it for only one purpose: To cause liver failure due to the opioid component. For more information, check out the Wikipedia articles:CFS.

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