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You are also here for the chance to eat and drink. While you love the food, it is not really worth your time and you would be better of just going to the restaraunt and staying there. The people working here are probably not too happy to see you, and you would probably just end up lost at the end of the day. You check out the food at food courtYou look at the menu and see that it is all American. The place is empty, and there are a couple of people working already, but you want to try the food anyway. You can hear the chattering of other people inside, but you are not too bothered by it. Your goal is just to get a good meal, a place to sleep and some money. You are used to people talking to you when you walk past, and the place is big enough that you are sure someone has at least twenty other tables. As you pass by the tables you see other people eating and chatting, but nobody in your vicinity. You see a girl eating a salad and talking to her boyfriend, and she is wearing a skimpy top and short shorts. You remember that you do not belong here and get over it. You come across a table with a couple of guys at it, and you sit down. The one sitting next to you is drinking a beer and looks to be about your age. He looks at the menu and notices that you are there and waves you over to him. You are unsure of what to do, so you just look at him and say Hi, which you expect him to do. He does so, smiles a bit and then suddenly turns his head away. You are about to ask what is wrong, when he suddenly leans forward and speaks in a serious tone. You are speechless for a second at his words, then you start to smile as a thank you. You take the offerThank you, you answer, and then ask the guy for more. He starts to explain that he is going to go get something else, so you wait for a bit, but then he comes back.

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