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You save this girls lifeYou cant let this girl die, not tonight. The situation doesnt look too promising: the person is standing on a small ledge over a shallow chasm; above and below, a narrow chasm. You climb up the side of the boulder to reach herFeeling a little more confident, you ascend the side of the boulder. You are no longer concerned with the rocks falling on your face. The rocky wall is about ten feet above the ground, so the danger is not imminent. The girl is on either side and behind you, but you continue to your objective. You find her a short distance away from her hanging clothing. The chasm is about five feet long and about two feet wide, with a gentle descent leading down. The way is rocky and steep, so climbing down would be very difficult. Her body is trembling and she is breathing quickly through her nose. Her long black hair is in disarray and falling in disarray. You try to calm her, but it is not easy. She looks at you through tears but looks down as she continues to cry. The last thing you see on the girls face before you notice her unconscious body fall is her eyes looking into yours. It is so shallow that you can only watch her for a moment before she slipped off the side and into the abyss below. In the meantime, the rocks in the chasm have fallen and crushed her. You climb down the chasm, get her body and find her momYou cannot let this girl fall into the abyss, and you decide to use your remaining strength to climb down the chasm. You are so exhausted that the last thing you can think about is whether or not you could reach the bottom of the chasm safely. You cannot bring yourself to even pick up the girls head and throw it towards the abyss. Finally, your legs feel strong enough to climb down the chasm and get her body. In the end, you manage to reach a small rock that you can use as a foothold to climb down. But you never look back at the chasm where the girl fell. You have no more strength left to continue, so you just lie in your tent and await death. You can no longer afford to be complacent in this matter, or you will inevitably suffer consequences. You had already decided to go and find your mom before you spent the whole afternoon at the bar or getting drunk. The two options are no longer an option since.

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