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Then after this ASMR experience i came back to ASMR YouTube for another episode of ASMR. Ve woken up in your bed, naked. You slowly get up and look around and notice that you are in a room with a bed and a wardrobe with clothing. Then you notice that some of the furniture has been rearranged, the bed is off to the side and you also see a closet on the other side of the room. You also see a man dressed in a business suit and holding a briefcase, he looks like a bank teller at one time. I was supposed to go to your place in a few minutes, but I got an emergency and had to stay here. Ve been doing some yard work and the grass caught on fire. The bank teller says quickly looking out of the window. He gets out of his car and runs to the backyard. S the whole idea, but like I said, I got an emergency and had to stay here. M more than willing to meet up. S not much, but it still would be a great help. Alright, I guess you know where I can find a pay phone. You go back to your room and put your clothes on and go to where you left your car.

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