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You are a writer, not a scientistSure, you might be a big guy, but you dont think you are THAT big. Sure, you could kick your legs up and kick people in the nuts, but what good would that do. Maybe it is time to put this useless fear to rest, and you are going to do it. And you will see this fear of yours put to rest. The BeginningYou get on your knees in front of the bookcase and take an old-fashioned book from the shelf. You flip to the first few chapters, but the words are so small and hard to understand. So you turn to the next few chapters, which is easier, and at the end of the first chapter is a large picture of some naked girl in a red and white striped bikini. The next couple chapters are pictures of you and a friend on a beach. The next chapter is a drawing of a red and white striped bikini. You are on the beach in a red and white striped bikini. You finish the first ten chapters and stare at your completed manuscript, as you wonder if you should even do this. Then, in the eleventh chapter, you see a man in a business suit with a large briefcase enter the room. You look up and notice that the man is staring at you. The words MULTI-BILLED are written in bright black letters on the wall behind him. In fact, he doesnt look hostile at all. He just looks at you and then walks out of the room, leaving your manuscript on the bookshelf. You leave the HotelYou finish reading your manuscript, and decide to go back to what you were doing before you started writing. You put it back on the bookcase and start to leave. But a shadow comes over you, and you freeze. The man who came in the room looked at you and then walked out of the room. When you turn around and move towards the door, a man with a scruffy beard and a large balding head comes down the stairs. You are about to open the door to leave when the man with the scruffy beard grabs your shoulder. He is very large, and even taller than you. He starts to pull you with his scruffy beard. While you are being picked up and thrown, you are struggling and screaming. You dont understand what is going on, but the man with the scruffy beard is saying FUCK YOU.

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