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The result is very good, but you are no longer able to keep it on as long as you would like. The hair grows over your mouth and you begin to feel slightly dizzy, but you cant stop. You have spent the last thirty years looking for a woman who can provide such a service, and you will soon have it. You are ready, and you take the entire mask off, revealing your features to the world for the first time. The first thing you notice is that your face doesnt look like the average ugly guy on the street. What was once a scarred and beaten face has been smoothed, softened and beautified. A new nose is added by a local witch, and a few more stitches in the face are used to make your eyes bulge out. A few layers of fabric and you are ready to go. You must be careful how you move because while you are wearing your new face, you dont want to become a walking billboard for your face. Unfortunately, your new eyes are also moving around wildly, making it hard to watch what you are doing. After twenty minutes of wearing the mask, you finally decide to take it off, and the world goes back to normal as you are suddenly bombarded with memories of your past life. You enter the basement, which is very dusty, and look for the chair. Soon after you do, you feel a slight sensation in your brain, like a tap on the back of the head, as though someone is washing their mouth. You turn around and see a girl with long curly black hair, clad in a brown tunic. How nice to see you again, the girl says in a low voice. I see that you have adjusted well to the new environment. They seemed so happy to see you. Do you remember how you treated them. You try to answer, but the girl interrupts you.

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