Sam Faiers says ‘don’t judge’ as her kids, 6 and 4, still sleep in her bed every night

Sam Faiers has told her followers not to “judge” her and partner Paul Knightley after she revealed they still co-sleep with their two children, Paul, six, and Rosie, four.

The former TOWIE star, 31, decided to take part in a Q&A on her Instagram page when the questions about her family setup started rolling in.

After casually mentioning that she and Paul still bunk together with their kids though, some people wanted clarification.

“When you say co sleep even now, what’s the actual set up? Do they go to bed before you?” one fan asked, and Sam, who is pregnant with her third child and recently revealed she's already picked out the name, shared an adorable but chaotic snap of her husband and children in bed.

In the image, which Sam shared in black and white, businessman Paul was fast asleep with his daughter Rosie snuggled into his arm.

On the other side of him, Paul junior was lay against a separate pillow and more cushions.

“This was this morning,” Sam began with a laughing emoji.

Going on to detail the couple’s routine, she said: “So either Paul or myself will lay with them both until they fall asleep (around 7-8pm).

“We usually play relaxation music (works wonders – I use a Spotify playlist).

“Then we either sleep in 2s or altogether. Don’t judge. It works for us.”

The star went on to say that everyone in the family is “happy” and all are sleeping “well”.

But despite the ease of her current set-up, Sam admitted she will need to “seriously” rethink the situation once the new baby comes.

The reality TV star recognised that it will be a squash for the whole family plus the baby will constantly wake everyone up when she gets up to feed them.

“I’ll probs be in the spare room with the baby feeding all night, and Paul can go with these two until we figure it out,” the star added.

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