Sam Faiers and Billie Shepherd’s mum Suzie hospitalised in terrifying sepsis battle

Sisters Sam Faiers and Billie Shepherd have revealed their mum Suzie Wells was hospitalised after a water infection turned to sepsis.

Sam, 31, and Billie, 32, explained that Suzie, 53, began to “massively” deteriorate when a water infection spread to her kidneys, which resulted in a dash to A+E where she was told she had contracted sepsis.

“I’ve had a bit of a week,” Billie revealed on their podcast, The Sam & Billie Show. “Our mum wasn’t very well. It started last week, she had a water infection and it got worse and worse which resulted in going into mum’s kidneys. So we took her to A+E because she massively deteriorated.

“She had antibiotics and it wasn’t working. I managed to speak to a doctor and I told him all of her symptoms so he told me to take her to A+E because she needs medical attention. Basically the water infection had got so bad that it turned into sepsis.”

Billie added that Suzie was “so poorly”, saying: “She was so unwell. Feverish, being sick, weak, pains in her back and delirious.”

Sam then explained their panic as she revealed: “As her daughters we had to make the decision. We couldn’t even have another night at home. She needed to go in.”

Thankfully, the former TOWIE stars said Suzie is now back home on the mend and “doing really well”.

Billie said: “She recovered so well. Mum was in hospital for about 15 hours in total and they flushed her system through. She’s on the mend which is really good.”

It comes after their estranged dad was said to be "lucky to be alive" after reportedly suffering a heart attack.

Sam and Billie have had a strained relationship with their father, Lee, over the years.

Lee, 60, was recently rushed to intensive care after a near-fatal cardiac arrest, a source close to the family has claimed.

The source told The Sun: "Lee is lucky to be alive. His family were terrified and thought they were going to lose him. It's been a big wake-up call."

They added: "Lee loves his girls. Whether they speak or not, they're still his daughters.

"You can argue about silly things, but the heart attack made him realise life is very precious and it can be taken away at any point."

The stars refer to stepdad Dave Chatwood, who appeared on The Mummies Diaries on numerous occasions, as dad and have a troubled relationship with their biological father.

Lee split with Sam's and Billie's mum Suzie Wells when they were young.

The former millionaire has previously said: "I know I haven't been the best dad in the world" and admitted to drinking heavily, turning to drug use and becoming violent amid money troubles when the girls were little.


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