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You dont like to go to cosmetic salons. You can only have horrible things said to you. You feel like a piece of mush after. Fadeout You walk into the basement, where you see a bunch of various medical supplies. You open a cabinet to take out some tubes and then you see a tube and some wires connected to the device attached to you, the doctor. You look around for a good way to get rid of the doctor. You try to turn off the device but you cant get it to go off, it must be a special remote control to turn it on and off. You turn the device off and you hear a beep and a beep come from the device. The beep and beep stops and there is a button that activates a light, as you press it, the room lights go back on. Then there is a beep and some lights come up on the panel. You keep pressing the button until you find the rooms light switchYou press the button and the room lights come back on, you open up the panel and plug a wire, with the same device attached to your head, into the light switch. You look over and see your parents sitting in front of you, looking at you. You try to look over at Mom and Dad. You see their eyes fixating on you. You press the button again and the room returns to being dim, the lights dimmed. She is still looking at you, her eyes fixed on your hand. You press the button again and the room returns to dim, the lights dimmed. You press the button, and the room returns to its dim state. You look around a little, and see the strange thing that you pressed the button for, the doctor. You are not sure what to do with this weird thing. You have a feeling that you have never had before, like you cant talk to or feel much about anything around you. Then the room returns to dim, the lights dimmed. When you left your room, you were hungry. Your hand trembles a bit, but you can still.

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