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You look around and see that the place is filled with the most wretched creatures you have ever seen, all dressed in rags, some of them just lying around on the ground. Some of them are half naked or even naked, some with scars, some with mutilated or missing organs, some with a broken nose, some with missing teeth and much more, some with no apparent injuries at all and some looking like they were put on this planet for the sole purpose of killing you and every other living thing in this place. You leaveYou walk out of the place in a state of near-hysteria. You see people milling around outside the town that is now nothing but a horror. Some with rifles, some with machine guns and a hell of a lot of them with knives. Re about to go in and get one of those fucking mutants. You look at the man in the front who you know is speaking from experience. You see that a bullet went straight through his head. A few more shots ring out and then there is silence. S body falls to the ground and you find yourself by yourself. T feel a sense of fear, but a sense of power and fury. You start charging around the corner and to the right, and then there is a sudden jerk and you land in a heavy kick to the face. The pain is all but paralyzing and you feel as if your very soul is fighting against you. You try to stand back up before finding it incredibly hard to do so. Re better armed than ever before. Re happy with your little victory, because I am going to enjoy destroying you. You say and then throw your weapon to the ground.

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