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S kind of close to my location as well. You really want to risk that risk on a place with the odds against you. T you go off by yourself and try to find some of that weed that the guy with the tattoo on his face was talking about. M not going to try to go off by myself. Re going to get into that place is if I let you. Re going to have to do exactly what I say, and you better not fuck this up. Good luck, now get out of here and go do this job. Re about to leave, you ask Sally just how much she thinks Willie has made off her. S been fucking in this city all these years. Sally says while reaching into her bag for a wad of bills and begins to count them on her fingers. Re ready to give up, but Sally insists on staying, well maybe not on getting you a job, but on getting you in the club where she feels she could make more money. You could always just leave, but if you do, you better make sure you leave with no problems. T let you do this, you just wish she would. Somewhat confused by your words, you follow Sally back to the car where she parks it in the parking lot which is pretty full. Sally and you both walk down the block to your destination. Re in a dark corner, sitting near a table with several men who.

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