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The other products in the store are mostly Sally Hansen products, so I know that Sally Hansen is always going to be around. Instead, they are just selling stuff you should probably use to combat your dry winter skin problem. I will admit that I actually looked there a little, but if those brands were really.

This is the email I got, and you can see that I got a lot of them. I got a bunch of Sally Beauty coupons through this site a few months ago, but they were all in-store deals and were only valid through the end of the year, because as you might know they went out of business a few months after that. Ive only seen one ad in here, so Im assuming I need to order with this site to get them for now, because I would have liked to get some Sally Beauty coupons through another site. But I wonder if theres actually a way to get them online. Id be willing to try anything, but I didnt buy anything with the Sally Beauty coupons when I could get them in-store, I go to the Sally Beauty deals link, and I see some stuff that looks really good; I click on the Sally Beauty section. Is what Im looking for actually available to me through this site. I click on Submit at the bottom of the screen, and I get this:This looks promising, but there are a couple of things which make me hesitant. First of all, Im wondering if its just a combination of shipping costs and the amount of the order I want to pay. Secondly, I wonder if the price of the products is higher than when I pay on clearance at my local drugstore. I think about whether I want to order one of the new polishes in the Sallys Summer collection, which I know looks really pretty; Ill have to see if I want to pay full price for Sally Beauty coupons now or if Im willing to do some math. One more thing Im wondering about is whether I should order the Sally Beauty Essentials Set or the Sallys Superstar Set. If I was really sure, I wouldnt have paid full price for the Sally Beauty coupons. But Im not sure, and Im getting the feeling that this Sally Beauty Set might be better for me than the Sallys Summer Collection. You should do the Sally Beauty EssentialsI decide that the Sally Beauty Essentials set is the way to go. Thats still pretty expensive; I cant imagine that itll be more than a year before these are on clearance. So at this point, Im ready to order some Sally Beauty products. I click on the Sally Beauty section, and I see a row of links.

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