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From: maryDate: Mon, 8 Jan 2002 10:12:34 -0500To: Sally Beauty Store:I had seen your salon before and really liked what I saw. Of course since youre a big guy, I had to ask if you were into big hair as well. I guess you could say it was because I was attracted to you that I just jumped at the chance. I know its kinda fucked up, but lets just say I like big things, and I love the feeling of your mane. Did you feel like you were getting off on the power trip thing, or just the hair. As for my big guy, I guess I get off on it most of the time. Not that I would ever go into a salon with a giant dick. But the thing is, we get to do all sorts of shit together. Like watching TV, or going on a date, or anything you want to put it that category. You like big tittiesOh, that was a little weird. As far as I can tell, you were actually talking to him normally. Of course you dont know his name, but you probably called him Tits. I guess its a good thing he was nice to you. You probably wouldve been really pissed off by it. You start to get a little nervous that you might be talking to a dick on the phone when in reality youre talking to some guy in a suit. However, he isnt really a bad guy. Its not like hes a rapist, just a normal guy. Still, the way you got off was pretty cool. Youre probably going to do that more often now, because thats how its supposed to be with men. You do that a few more times, and after a few months, your hair grows, and you get a lot of compliments. You get a lot of big things too. And you still got your big tits. You even start to get in with one of the guys at your old school, so you dont have to go into the salon anymore.

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