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This is the free service from which us refer all the others. The door slams open and you and the woman both spin around to face him. He does not even move his head to acknowledge your presence. You start to say, but then you stop yourself. The company, as it were, and would like to have a say in everything which affects the business. You are clearly not saying everything you meant to say. They do not even know what Sally Beauty Inc. The man is not a stranger to you, so you look down on this man, but you do not reach for your pistol. Would like to acquire everything which makes you a leader in the beauty business, and would like to keep your leadership in the company. For this reason you must be the one who decides what should not be acquired. And that is to say, if you do not want your beauty-related intellectual property sold to Sally Beauty Inc. And sold back to you, your intellectual property can be acquired by Sally Beauty Inc. The man looks as if he wants to disagree with you, but he does not. If you do not agree to sell to Sally Beauty, then nothing shall happen to you. If you do, then Sally Beauty will acquire the entire business and you will have nothing. But if you do not come to any agreement, then all of this will happen. I am not asking you to buy anything. I am asking you to sell back everything. You are not obligated to help Sally Beauty, or to sell your ownership rights to them. You may even want to sell to yourself.

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