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The city has announced it will hire the largest-ever police presence in Toronto. The Ontario Provincial Police will start taking over policing duties on Thursday, as part of Mayor John Torys plan to bring back street patrols in large numbers. We also need to be sure not to take it away from other parts of the province, we should be doing the opposite, Tory told reporters Tuesday. 1 billion to the police budget and Tory hopes the additional officers will help, but admits it wont be enough. Theres no doubt that what Im proposing will have an impact on crime rates. But I do not have confidence that the police department is the most effective way to do it, Tory said. Tory has also said he plans to hire 500 more Toronto Community Housing members by hiring the citys newest police recruits. The mayor said the additional officers would also target high-crime neighbourhoods outside the city. The city expects to have a new plan in place by the end of the month. This comes as hundreds of people protested in front of police headquarters in an attempt to get police to go back to patrolling their neighborhood. Police Chief Mark Saunders has said he wont do that, saying Torontos streets are already one of the safest in Canada. A couple weeks ago, I tweeted that I was thinking about writing a blog post about the different roles I play in the LDS church in my personal life and how I have made changes in these roles in the name of faith. Well, I came out with that blog post on Tuesday and in the last few days I have been getting a lot of questions on the changes I am talking about. For most of the posts I write I try to keep a fairly neutral perspective, but lately my views on this topic have changed quite a bit and I figured I should reflect on these changes. Before I start, I should clarify that I am not a faithful member of the LDS church, and I am not talking about faithful members of the LDS church who are married to other faithful members. A faithful member of the LDS church is one who, in a long and rigorous process of prayer, studying, and seeking guidance from the LDS church, has reached a conclusion that is consistent with what the LDS church teaches. Thats what I am talking about when I say faithful members of the LDS church. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, I do want to address a couple things I have been getting about recent events. First, I have received a lot of questions about my decision to live with my wife, not my husband. Ive never been a big proponent of living in a blended household, but since I know that my wife wants to continue to practice her faith in her current home.

This article about Cali beauty supply