Saira Khan on Loose Women interview snub I was never part of the crowd

Saira Khan, 53, shocked Loose Women fans when she decided to leave the show in 2021 to prioritise other ventures.

The presenter has been keeping busy since her departure from the show, working on GB News while also focusing on her health and lifestyle.

However, in an exclusive interview with, Saira detailed how there was more to her reasoning for leaving the show.

Saira claimed that when it came to doing interviews outside of the studio she was never offered.

She explained: “If there was someone really famous coming on the show, they’d select the woman for that but it would never be me.

“I was never part of that crowd. But again, I’m not blaming them. I don’t mind that.

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“I blame myself, but I do feel like unless I was being a Shouty Gaby there was no other aspect of my life people were interested in.”

Saira has credited social media for showing the side of herself she wants to, including her healthy lifestyle and exercise routines.

She continued: “I’m really into fitness, I’ve got a blended family, I ski, I’ve run the marathon twice, I want to interview celebrities. There’s a funny side to me.

“And I felt that I was being siloed by being just that one side of me and I think this is where social media has given me the opportunity to show a different side.”

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She stated: “You know when you just feel like you’re really not that important, and they say they will get round to you, you just know your time’s up.

“I’m not blaming anybody for that, that’s just how the show is. And I had to make the decision that I’ve grown up, I’ve used the platform and it was great for me.

“I need to be respected as a human being, respected as a woman, I need to be respected for the opinions I have.”

She continued: “I would probably go back if things really changed and I felt that the set-up was right, but also I’m at a stage where I think my children could handle me on a platform like that. has contacted ITV for comment.

“I would have loved to have gone along with someone like Linda Robson to have a chat and do an interview with a celeb, but I was never given that opportunity.”

In line with Sleep Awareness Month, Saira partnered with Woolroom to raise awareness of the UK’s unhealthy sleeping habits and educate the nation about how clean sleeping should be taken just as seriously as clean eating.

The new survey found that 98 per cent of people believe that sleep is as important as diet, however only one in six are prioritising their sleep, with just under one in 10 not prioritising their sleep at all.

Speaking of the partnership, Saira said: “It took me many years to fully appreciate how important sleep is for me.

“I, like so many people, did not relate sleep to being integral to my overall health and well-being.

“Now in my 50s and going through menopause, I really understand the healing powers of a good night’s sleep and have put a focus on researching the right mattress, bedding, and the right fibre to sleep with.

“I’ve finally realised that by prioritising a good night’s clean sleep as much as a clean diet and physical exercise, I am improving my overall mental and physical health.”

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