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You need to go nowThis is too important. I need a moment of peace sob, I need a moment of peace sob, Please, please. If you knew how much it hurt, you wouldnt even want me. In a speech Thursday to law enforcement officials, Gov.

You try to get them off the airA couple years later, youre trying to get them off the air for trying to push an outdated belief system that you feel isnt safe. Its 2010 and Jenny McCarthy has just had her new book Unvaccinated released. Jenny has been known to give her own opinion on other peoples belief systems, but shed never make a video to promote her own belief system. Suddenly a bunch of people start flooding into her house and making rude comments to her and her daughter. Jenny starts screaming at her and starts shouting for the camera. In the background you hear shouting, but everyone stops her because shes so angry. When the video ends she apologizes, but the damage has been done. You get the call from the station to stop talking about her belief system, or else. You cant allow to be portrayed in the worst light. You cant let them say some of the things theyve said about you. Youre the only person to speak out against them, the rest are afraid to, and after your call you decide to talk about it and take the heat. You tell the station that their video was inappropriate and you will not be speaking about or doing any radio shows with them again. A week goes by and you get a message saying theyre asking you if youre willing to do a special on the topic of vaccination to promote your new book. You agree to do it, but you wont talk about anything to do with vaccination ever again. Youll go on your two week vacation and then youll go back to doing what you usually do. A few months pass and you get a call from the station saying youve been chosen to speak about vaccinations on their show. This is the first time youve spoken about something this controversial. You go onYoure nervous, but youre also excited and youll do it. You start telling the hosts that Jenny McCarthy wants to come on and that shell answer their questions. You explain that while she believes that vaccines are not safe, they are what shes promoting in her new book and you dont want to talk about her beliefs or not. The hosts laugh and say that she obviously wasnt qualified for the job and it must have been you they were looking for. You start to panic and tell them that all they have to do is send a team person out to interview her which would make you a liability if they found out. They agree to do it, but insist that you be present for the interviews so that you could answer their questions.

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