S Bazaar and Jameela Jamil for Arcadia magazine are only a …

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S Bazaar and Jameela Jamil for Arcadia magazine are only a few examples of unretouched photo shoot we loved in 2018. 772018Predictably, the people who are upset about this new rule will find any excuse to not take advantage of this offer, including pretending that its not fair. This new policy makes me wonder if were in a different era. People are more interested in appearances and image than they have been in the past, and if they have to spend money to make things appear that way, theyre going to be tempted to spend money on whatever looks best. If youre going to post something about your appearance, it might as well be something that will benefit you, rather than a cheap imitation of something else. You go back to your old waysEven though people will probably still be upset about this, there is no real point to be made by doing it. Youre going to have to spend your time and energy on something else. You decide to post a photo of your son and your daughter. A couple of hours later, you get a few comments criticizing you for what you were doing. A man shouldnt be photographed trying to make himself look like a sex object. How could you possibly know whats better for her. Besides, it looks like shes taking a shit in that picture. This is the second picture youve posted in no time. You post the photo anywayAnd Im not going to apologize for it, either. Im just saying its not like anyone else is going to do it. And as for ass-porn, I dont think any of you have the stomach for it. The next day, you start receiving comments and messages from people criticizing you. Shes just standing there shitting in a bucket. This is a good thing because youre shitting out some serious free press. You respondIm not going to stop you from having your fun, but I suggest that you go on some sort of diet, because that ass looks like its only full of sugar. Ive seen pictures where shes got some abs, but only because they looked real in the fucking photo they were in. I wont even go into the other stuff thats.

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