Ruby Rose struggled to find emergency care amid Covid surge

Something like 97% of the people being hospitalized with Covid are unvaccinated. People are still dying of Covid every damn day, and hospitals are still being overwhelmed with Covid cases. Which continues to put a strain on the medical community entirely, and it leaves people with non-Covid-related medical issues and emergencies out of options when they need medical care. This is what happened to Ruby Rose. She had a successful surgery, she went home to recover, and then there were complications. Complications which were bad enough, she knew she needed to go to the emergency room. All of the hospitals in her area were full of Covid patients though.

Ruby Rose tearfully revealed that it took her hours to get accepted into an emergency room due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The 35-year-old actress took to her Instagram Story on Tuesday and explained her hospitalization was due to a complication from surgery, although she didn’t go into detail about the procedure she had.

“I just wanted to sort out some live stuff and some health stuff and some house stuff and all the good things,” Rose said in a video. The Australian actress continued, “I did have a procedure and I had to have surgery, but it was fine and the surgery went well. But then I had a few complications and I had to go to the emergency room to go to the hospital.”

Rose said when she finally determined her symptoms were serious she “called an ambulance and it took hours to find a hospital that would be able to take me or anyone.” The Orange Is the New Black alum began to cry as she told fans emergency rooms were “rejecting taking people and I… and my case was quite serious.”

“We stuck it out for a little bit longer and we were lucky enough to get accepted by a hospital after a bit of a standoff,” the tearful DJ said. “Everyone was amazing, all the front-liners are amazing,” Rose said of her healthcare team.

Regarding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the reason she assumed it took a long time to get a room, she told fans, “Please stay safe, try to keep everyone safe. Get vaccinated if you can, please. It’s just… it doesn’t need to be this hard for everyone and I just can’t imagine all the other people that are having way more, way, way more serious situations happening right now. I’m just sending everyone love,” Rose said, adding that she would continue her social media break.

Ending her video, the actress told her followers, “I love you all and take care of yourselves.”

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I would be so pissed off and heartbroken if this happened to me or someone I love. To be in such dire need of medical attention and then needing to waste all of that time negotiating with already stressed and at-capacity hospitals. All because millions of people are too f–king stupid to get vaccinated. There is no “meeting in the middle.” If you cannot get vaccinated at this f–king point for yourselves, your communities and your families, then WTF is wrong with you?

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