Rotten tomatoes beauty and the beast

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You pull the DVD out from your DVD player and flip it open, to find the movie playing. S the story of a group of eight guys that decide to make the most of their last day off. They decide to go rob one of those convenience stores, only to be caught in the act. S one thing for your friends to come over to watch the movie with you. S quite another for you to be the one in the movie. A few things that you do find a little amusing are:The fact that at the end of the movie the police are nowhere in sight. Ve already gotten all the evidence from the convenience store. So far you know of only one being. S just it, all of those things that you think are mere jokes at first are just the things that cause you to laugh the most. A whole movie is made about a group of misfits who are forced to work together due to a robbery gone wrong, for better or worse. Re certain of is that you are going to have to get up close and personal with one of the guys in the movie. You could make an excuse before leaving and go back to the shelter with the guys. You could also try to sneak away later and hope that you can get.

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