Robbie Williams admits hes had Botox but it hurt so much and left him battered

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Robbie Williamshas admitted that having botox “hurt so much” in a candid post on Instagram.

In a post on Thursday, 13 July, he shared a hand-drawn picture of himself laying down in bed with the words “I’ve had a few thing’s done” scrawled on it.

In the caption, he said that he has had a few cosmetic surgeries on his face, but not within the last five years.

“One time I had a few things done, botox, fillers and something done to my chin that made me look like desperate Dan. Perhaps [about] 5 years ago.

“Nothing since then. It was when I was on the Graham Norton Show with Justin Timberlake , Daniel Radcliff,e and Anna Kendrick.”

He continued: “I have to say I looked good…”

Robbie, who attended this year's Cannes festival andlooked like he was wearing pyjamas , then said that he may have some form of filler again in the future but that the last time felt like someone had “battered me in a Weatherspoons”.

“To be honest I would of done it again if it didn't hurt so much.

“It felt like someone had battered me in a Weatherspoons.

“Anyway I probably will do something again…

Who knows… I might not… “

He finished his post by saying: “*cue 500 mums in the Comment section Shouting ''Robert,No!'' at me” with a hands over mouth emoji and a face with peeking eye emoji.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts on Robbie’s latest post.

“Not a mum, but… Robert, no!!! Don’t start messing with your face. You look great. You don’t need Botox and fillers.,’ wrote one person.

Another commented: knew it. Somethings always off about that interview and it's the fact your face doesn't move. If it makes you happy great but I love the lil lines that make up faces. Grow old with us! X [red love heart emoji”.

A third said: “DEFINITLY NOOOOOOO Robert Peter Maximilian Williams, please no way!! Keep natural [high five emoji]”.

The formerTake Thatsinger was recentlyforced to stop a concertdue to long Covid while performing at the Pinkpop Festival in the Netherlands.

"No, stop stop. I'm f**ked. I'm f**ked,” he said, "It's long covid, I've got long covid. It's not my f**king age, you f**kers!"

He stopped his band from playing during huis fourth song while he bent over to catch his breath.

Luckily, the 49 year old was okay and could carry on with his performance.

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