Rob Gronkowski Gunning To Wrestle The Rock In WWE Match, Someday

Super Bowl champion? Check. Hall of Fame career? Check. Wrestling match with The Rock? Coming soon???

Rob Gronkowski tells TMZ Sports if he ultimately makes a run in the WWE following his storied football career — he wants to take on Dwayne Johnson!!!

Gronk broke it all down for his BFF Mojo … saying if he got the chance to call the shots in the WWE, he’d book a match against The People’s Champ.

Gronkowski said he’d prefer it to be a tag team match, ’cause he’s still wet behind the ears in the squared circle … but if for some reason The Rock wanted to join him instead of beat him — he’d be up for that too!

“It would be pretty cool to have The Rock come back, and face The Rock,” Gronkowski said, “or have him as my tag team partner.”

Gronk has made appearances in the WWE before … but he’s yet to have a true match of his own.

As for why he wouldn’t mind starting off that career with The Rock … the NFL star said the guy is just one of his favorite wrestlers — and he’d love to take a People’s Elbow from the dude in front of a packed house.

If he can’t get Dwayne … there’s a few other dudes Rob says he’d like to take on — but, watch the clip, there’s also a handful of guys he said he absolutely wants no part of!

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