Road Rage Incident in Philly Erupts with Fists Flying, Young vs Old

Coronavirus seems to have people wound up tight and ready to blow — case in point, this road rage incident that turned into real-life “Street Fighter.”

Check out these 2 dudes throwing down on what appears to be a residential road in Philly — one of them is a younger guy, and the other is older. Either way, they’re both hurling punches and trying to knock the other out.

The guy in the green shirt eventually got in one good hit on the other dude as he was trying to walk away. The guys recording it are hooting and hollering watching it go down, joking by saying they thought “white lives matter.”

After the final devastating blow, green shirt hops on his motorcycle and zooms off down the street seconds later. Yeah, he was definitely ready to make a clean getaway … no question.

Now, it’s unclear what might’ve sparked this crazy road rage … but in any case, it seems obvious that folks are ready to tussle at a moment’s notice these days.

City of brotherly love, folks.

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