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You attempt to get away, but your hands are fastened firmly around the back of her neck and she continues to squeeze until, in the end she overpowers you and you let go of her neck. As you let go, she reaches for her keys and slams you against the ground before pulling out the knife from under your clothes and slicing your throat open with a single stroke. You immediately fall forward onto your back, gasping for air and thrashing about. The shock of the attack causes your head to spin and your vision to become blur. You are paralyzed with fear, but your hands desperately reach for you phone to call for help. You hear a familiar voice, which you quickly try to identify to no avail. You wince when you see a flash of light from behind the building and the light from your phone catches the reflection of the mans face. He smiles with a wicked smirk and then he grabs your phone. You can hear his words even from this far away. Shes going to die and youre going to get away with it. You hear a thump coming from behind you and you spin around just in time to see him run forward with his feet towards you. As you see him grab the handle of your phone and bring it down on your head. You let out a high-pitched scream of pain as his blow decapitates you with one crushing swing. Fool, he says looking at his handiwork, but Im glad youll be the last for this world. Youre going to die because youll get angry at the world and lash out at others. He tosses your phone aside and reaches into his pocket. He takes out a pistol and cocks it and pulls the trigger, but just as you begin to lose consciousness, you see the light from his face fade away. Your body slumps down and your eyes close. The sky is a dark ominous red with thick black clouds and you lie on the cold ground wondering if you have made the wrong choice in your life in choosing to travel to this town. There is nothing to do here save for the occasional wandering mutant or savage.

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