Ricky Gervais’ Partner Jane Fallon Goes Emotional While Opening Up Skin Cancer Scare

The 62-year-old writer shares on her social media account a picture of herself showing that she has removed the ‘thing on my face’ which has now gone to ‘biopsy heaven.’

AceShowbizRicky Gervais‘ long-term partner Jane Fallon has opened up about a “worrying” skin cancer scare. The 62-year-old writer posted a picture of herself appearing to tear up with an arrow pointing to a growth on her face she said had been removed and gone to “biopsy heaven”.

She said, “Goodbye ‘thing on my face’. You tried to hide under a freckle, but now you’ve grown into something potentially more worrying, you have to go. Don’t you dare leave a scar.” Jane then added, “The Thing has gone to biopsy heaven. I bet it never rings, never calls. Ungrateful little s**t.”

Her fans sent well-wishes, including one who said their mum had suffered cancer. Jane posted a laughing GIF in response to a fan who told her, “You watch, it’ll have its own twitter account soon.”

The best-selling author has been in a relationship with “After Life” creator Ricky, 61, for 39 years now, with the pair living in poverty together before his comedy career took off.

Ricky constantly thanks fans for making his “After Life” show, about widower Tony grieving the death of his wife from cancer, the most watched British comedy in the world. He has also told fans how he is terrified of being diagnosed with illness and how he goes for a check-up every year from a private doctor.

Jane supported him by making £40 a week at a theatrical agency, learning to be a script editor and the couple were too poor to afford the constant feed of 50p coins needed to keep the heating going, and endured freezing cold every winter.

They once lived above a brothel in King’s Cross, London, before Ricky became worth around £130 million thanks to his shows including “The Office“.

Jane has said about why they never got married, “It is not that I am anti-marriage. It is just that it has never particularly interested me. Having children had always been something I didn’t feel like I wanted to do. I just never thought that I would be a good mother. I see people who are good at being parents and I don’t know how they do it. How can they be so relaxed?”

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