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As you take all of this in, you also take in all of the implications. Ve been a little too focused on your own career. D get from being a director to really try to step up your game and to be able to do something that you enjoy. Re thinking about it, you could at least start taking on a smaller project. One that could really use your focus and talents. You go on a small filmThis could be a good way for you to really go back to your roots. You could even just do it for the money you could make. Ve spent a lot of time concentrating on your own acting. Ll just have to see if this can still be done for real. When you get home, you get to work on some of your other movies before calling the director and producers. Re interested in working together, that they should call you back. They should also be willing to pay you a percentage of the profit as you normally do with any film. T be taking any for an answer, You go through all of the basic details, and make it very clear that you have no shortage of people who want to work with you, because you will be looking to hire out as many people.

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