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S Graces, one of the more popular massage and beauty salons in the city. The attendant gives me a dirty look and waves me away. S about your age, but probably older. S wearing a tight, white tank top, exposing a lot of her midriff. S also wearing low-cut black leggings and black combat boots. I need you to take me to one of the salons. Ve been trying to find somewhere to get a traditional massage. Um, I dunno you probably should go to your local church. If you need something like that, we also have a lot of those around here. The attendant says, but quickly turns and runs off. As you walk back to your room, you think about this attendant and what could have happened. She probably thought you were trying to get a massage or something, but you were actually requesting a review of the place. T get the bad impression you got from this attendant yesterday. S friendly and tells you to just show your ID when you enter the place. T enter, instead you head to the back of the house where there is a locked room and you grab it. You go in and are immediately shocked at what you see. The room is small with a single chair to sit on, a small table, and various other items on top of it. You see a large mirror on the other wall. T a single piece of lingerie or clothing on anywhere in the room. No bra, no panties, no towel, nothing. You say as you pull out your phone.

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