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You rent the movie and take the train to the location of the production and wait for your rental car to pick you up. Its a long and boring trip, You pass the time reminiscing about your school days when you used to go to a local music store and watch the VHS of songs on sale, and wondering whether you should buy a cassette copy of that song if you ever managed to pay your way through university one day, and eventually you reach the location of the movie, which looks like its in a town just outside the city of Amsterdam. This is it you think to yourself, This is the movie that Ive been waiting for. Ive been waiting for this my whole life. You step in the car and hop out, you run to the car and run inside, only to find you didnt get a car that day, and youre stranded. Its raining really hard and your cell phone is dead. Its not as bad as you thought, but you dont really feel like getting out of your mud-wet clothes. You also have a feeling that the movie wont be finished in time to watch on time. Youll just have to wait till morning and see what happens. Youre not too worried about the rain though, you have an umbrella ready for an emergency. A long time after your school days of fantasizing about that magical world, the fantasy suddenly becomes real. Youre left in a magical world thats really not unlike your own world, except that its a lot cooler. Theres princesses and princes and fairy godmothers and all manner of magical things. It takes you a while to get used to your new, magical life, but eventually you do. You have so many wonderful experiences that you really cant even count. By the time you get your drivers license, life feels so amazing. You feel that you are living a very happy, magical life. For some reason, your new found freedom has caused you to commit many crimes including burglary, shoplifting, vandalism and more. Youre thrown in jail and are eventually found guilty.

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