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KidKraft KidKraftTheres a new one, you say, pointing to the dollhouse listing on the local news. Yeah, theres a new one, Jeanette says, her eyes still on the news. You watch, as her eyes slowly roll to the back of her head, and she falls backwards onto the couch, her head hitting the tabletop. You hurry over to her, and kneel next to her, placing a hand on the side of her face. She doesnt know youre here, but youre pretty sure the news is talking about a suicide. Jeanettes always told you to be careful about how you spend your free time. You tell her to do less drugsYou look at Jeanette, still lying there in the chair, on an old, cracked sofa that looks to have seen better days. You take a deep breath, and say,You should be careful about the things that youre doing. Jeanette asks, her voice sounding a bit sad. Well, I didnt expect you to listen to me, but I figured youd have something better to do. Jeanette sits back down, her head resting on her hands. I think Im just about done here, Jeanette says. I think we should start with what we need to do. Jeanette heads off to the living room, before returning with a small white bowl. Here, Jeanette says, handing the bowl back to you. You sip from it for a moment, before you set it down and get up. Jeanette looks at you expectantly, eager for whatever you have in store for her. You begin your journey into the Dollhouse. An interior so ornate and rich, you wonder how it could be more than a simple storage room. You walk down two long hallways, which end in wooden doors, each of which lead to one of the doll rooms on your upper floor. Ah, that must be Jeanettes room, the voice says, sounding rather muffled.

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