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You continue You continue to readChapter 1: The Rose and the StrayThe smell of roses was in the air and its pleasant. You smelled like a beautiful rose petal and it was your scent. The soft breeze caressed your cheeks and tickled your chin. You sat in the open air near the street of the capitals town. It was a warm summer day and the sun was shining brightly. The street was filled with people, some walking, some talking, and some talking and walking. You saw a small group of four standing next to the statue of Jesus Christ in the middle of the street. You both turned to look at the statue of Jesus. It was a small, childlike figure, but it gave off an aura that was attractive. But, it was a woman who wore a rose in her hair and she loved you deeply. You replied, trying not to stare too long at her beautiful face. You were sure you wouldnt last long enough to get the whole story, even if you wanted to. Im going to the capital to look for my brother, you explained. I cant help you if youre not going with me. I really dont want you to stay at my house, she said as she shook her head. Its a common feeling, a feeling youve been having a lot lately. Youve heard stories of the capital, but you dont know where it is. Youve also heard stories of the city center, but you dont know if thats the same place. You dont even know what the capital looks like. Youve only ever left the city once before, when you were a young girl and your mom got a job opportunity in the town of Zalan.

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