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It wasnt until this past Sunday that I read the storyboard on this movie. Now Im seeing this, and Im very disappointed. Ive seen the movie before, and Im a fan of the book, even if its not the best, and its certainly not the best movie adaptation But it was surprising to read storyboard and storyboards. Im not saying storyboards are bad because theyre good enough, but theyre a thing of the past in this day and age. Id like to see some of them, and this one in particular makes me very, very disappointed. And in a perfect world, it wouldnt be necessary to kill people to get what you want. It would be enough if you could simply change your environment. Im not sure if youve ever had these sorts of thoughts in real life before, but they were clearly in there. And my thoughts were of a much darker nature. Im going to go into more details, but first Ill give you a bit of a synopsis of the movie. In an unknown but sinister location, are the bodies of a bunch of people. One body in particular catches your eye and it makes you stand up. Shes naked, her body covered with sores and infected. Blood covers her face and her body is rotten. The camera lingers on her as the movie begins to play. The people in the movie, are a young boy and a young girl. The movie begins with the girl running away from the man attempting to rape her, her screams of pain causing the boy to run after her. The two of them run from the man and the screams of the girl quickly end. The boy, scared and confused, stops to look at the girl and then the camera. He stares at the screen blankly for a moment, and then he turns his head and looks at the boy. The boy then turns to his right and stares at the camera, the boys face devoid of emotion. The man continues to laugh and the screen goes black. You and your fellow classmates begin to form a lynch mob like structure. You are in a frenzy to find this beast and kill it, but as you gather people around you, you are reminded of the rules that govern this world.

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