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The American Family Associations Bryan Fischer called for the execution of the United Nations for their plan to take over the United States after they voted to send a delegation to Oklahoma to study the states new Dont Say Gay law. I think we need to stop sending people there, Fischer said today on his radio program. I think we need to make it clear to the United Nations that were not going to allow them to come into this country and just come into some small town in Oklahoma and tell the people there what to do and make it the way they want it and then come in and tell us what to do. Were not going to be like some people in the world. Were just going to kick them out. The UNs International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association, ILGA, is planning a small delegation to Oklahoma this month to discuss the law. The law, signed by Governor Mary Fallin last month, imposes a number of requirements on local governmental bodies to protect children from being promoted to homosexuality by any individuals, media, or even the internet. This bill, which is designed to protect children from sexual abuse, has been characterized as a discriminatory anti-gay law by some, and even as a violation of the U. S international human rights treaty against discrimination, but lets be clear: this bill is in fact an infringement on the U. S right to make laws throughout the world, Fischer said. Why on earth would we trust anybody who comes into this country thats a U. We should absolutely kick them all out. The first time I attended a TEDx event, I was blown away. It is a place where ideas are tested, and where anyone, anywhere, can participate. That day, I felt part of a large team, traveling to the future together. Since then, Ive seen TEDx as the driving force behind the idea of participatory global community. This concept is in direct conflict with authoritarian politics and centralized control, yet it is gaining momentum all over the world. If the future is going to be shared, then the old political structures of the world need to change with it. In the past, weve dealt with some of the worlds most authoritarian regimes. We were able to prevent them from dominating the future. Is it not possible that authoritarian governments will be able to impose their way of thinking on us.

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