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You know that Tylenol is the 1 selling drug in the nation, and will likely be in the future as well, so you should pick this stuff up if you havent already. It should be of some help, as you know youre not exactly excited to have to deal with the human race, and the idea of getting sick from germs is worse than death. If the Tylenol didnt contain alcohol, then the idea of drinking more alcohol might be better, though. You read more on the drugstore, and then decide you should buy a product that is both cheap and works. This stuff looks like its a mixture of salicylic acid and lactic acid, and you dont really like either of those two ingredients, but you can easily handle the lactic acid. You go up to the cashier and say Can you check this product out and Ill take it. You get Skin Brightening ProductsThe cashier reads back your purchase and you hand over twenty dollars. She hands you a small plastic baggie, you take a swig, and you have a headache, but your skin is bright and smoother than it was before. You walk outside and put the bag up your nose and breathe in deeply. After a couple minutes the bag is full to the brim with what smells like honey, honey, honey, and a faint hint of orange. You decide you like it and take another drink, holding your head still for a while and coughing up the honey-sweet vapor. You dont really like oranges, they just taste like lemon, but its a pleasant flavor. You finish the bag and stagger home, as a car pulls up on the side of the road. You see a man get out from a car with tinted windows. You can tell hes a cop, but he doesnt say anything to you. You stare blankly ahead as the cop pulls out of the parking spot next to you and walks inside, leaving you and the police car alone. The next day you awaken and feel slightly better. You think you might be a little better, and you have the feeling something happened to you in the car. You arent sure what though, you just think the car smelled funny and youre sick. You head out of your front door to go have breakfast at the diner and look at the news, which is giving all kinds of updates on the latest situation in the world. News flashes about the war with China and the recent terrorist attacks and what have you; theres even a story on the war with Germany. The city is a lot busier, but no major disasters. A female reporter asks you, coming over to the table where you are eating breakfast.

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