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You dont go to the moviesYou dont go to the movies, and that includes the theme parks. You can only spend so much on the movies, and that amount of money barely pays for one movie ticket per month. Youd need to splurge every month, but that doesnt sound like the kind of lifestyle youre looking for. Of course, the movie theaters dont exactly bring in the money. You dont go to the movies because theyre a waste of time and you just dont have the time or energy for it. Video games are where you can really enjoy yourself. You dont go to the movie because youre bored or even to escape reality. You dont even go because you dont really have much interest in movies. A small voice in the back of your mind is glad of this decision. It is a little disconcerting at first to think that the world is actually tolerating you. It feels almost as if some sort of law of some sort has been broken because this notion is just laughable. You just dont have the drive to go to the movies now. The only thing that really keeps you going is the fact that they provide you with the opportunity to kill time. A law has been broken by your actions, and if you continue to live like this, that fact will be enforced on you by the world. You need to stop and enjoy the fact that youre living free and independent. You turn your phone off and turn off both your computer and your tablet. S been an interesting ride so far. You continueYou continue going to the movies as opposed to turning off your phone. Its been three months since you have been experiencing the movie theaters. You havent really watched the movie theatres, but rather have just stayed away from the place and the whole movie going experience. You have spent your entire time on the internet. Youve been able to find nothing but things of interest on the internet. It doesnt seem like anybody actually watches anything on the internet anymore. You had a feeling of dissatisfaction with it at first, but you have slowly come to realize that the movies are now nothing more than a thing you watch to unwind from all the craziness that is the real outside world. You just cant seem to get into it. Sometimes the movies just give you the creeps. Youve been doing this for more than two years now.

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