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With the party theme and costumes in mind, you, your sister and Renee all head to a party at a nearby mansion. While initially happy to visit a party together, you soon become aware of how many other visitors the mansion has. You stay in your houseYou dont feel confident enough to be at a party of all people, plus youre worried about the safety of your sister and friend who could all be at risk in a mansion full of visitors. Youd be a good wife, theyre sure to be the center of attention. You decide to stay at home, as you know youre strong enough to protect your home. The Birth of a WifeA while after a new year, you and your family are all present for a very happy occasion; the birth of your second sister, you take a joyous moment and give her a name: Dorothy. The birth of Dorothy brings joy to you as a father and family, but youre left feeling a great sadness as you lose the first person you ever loved. This is compounded as when you wake up the next day, you still find yourself with a sore chest and the feeling that youve been beaten up. You return to the partyYou get your strength back so you can get home, in the meantime you see if you can get home with your friends. Youve gained a lot of weight since then but your friends think you look different so you dont worry too much about it. The following day you run into a beautiful woman of your acquaintance, Renee. She is dressed like a glamour model and looks quite happy, she looks like she just had a big party. You say I have a sore chestYou say: I have a sore chestRenee replies: What. You say I have a sore chest and then kiss her. While walking towards a nearby van you say: I have a sore chest, you need to check it out. You walk along a bit more and then say I have a sore chest and then kiss her again. You say: Lets get you on the van. While Renee turns to look at you, she says: Well thats the end of kissing. I just want to check your chest, you should like it. You say Fine, fine, have some fun and walk backwards. Your friends are not happy by this and you hear them yelling at you to just drive home. You turn your head to look and your friends are all laughing at you.

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