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Believe me, if you mess up, you will regretWelp. You know the kind of cake these fairies like, so you might as well get started on the decorating right away. The table:The cake:And a quick note on the rose decorations:The rose:You can make them any size you want just dont make them too decorative. Why does our government only ever listen to the people who agree with it. Why cant the people do the same things our government does. Why do we need to be so different. T it illegal for our government to do what YOU do. S a question that the people of America have been asking themselves with increasing frequency in recent years. At this late hour, after watching the news and reading the papers, I have no answer. Ve been struggling with it all my life. It starts with a vague curiosity, but then it becomes an obsession. Then a feeling of shame, followed by a sense of hopelessness. How can I be the only one that was born into poverty and never received a chance at success. And what about every other American that went before me. I am no different from any other American. My grandfather on his deathbed asked God why America was not a better nation than the one he grew up in. Why is America a more prosperous nation than any nation in human history. T there a better and more fulfilling way to live than living as a slave in some third world nation. America is nothing but a story told to you by a storyteller. It is a story of a land of opportunity that exists for the lucky few and a land of victimhood that exists for the unfortunate few. It is a land of a broken legal system, a land that is a laughingstock internationally and a land that is going to explode in a racial hate crime war within the next decade.

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