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Ill have to listen to this before I decide what is the best way to live my life. You didnt think this was going to be easy did you. I mean, these are dark times for you, but youve always been a fighter. Im sure you could probably stand up to this darkness, it was always inside of you, it just took you a long time to admit it. You listen to the songsYour stomach rumbles again and your head feels like it might explode; you dont feel like eating either, so you decide to listen to all the songs that have been released. It seems like only yesterday you were listening to them with the rest of the people you lived with and you cant help but have mixed emotions. Still, at least you dont have to go through what you did with The Miseducation of Patrick. You arent sure how you can ever trust a band that released an album that had so many blatant lies about them and made you cry and listen to some of the music that sounds like it was recorded by a stalker. You pull the covers over your head and close your eyes as you drift off. Maybe you could face this darkness head on, instead of running. You continueYour eyes open and you feel like you should be sick, but youre not. Still, you cant help but notice your body, and youre not surprised to see that youre weaker than you usually are. You feel like you might even be tired, and sure enough, you sit up and slowly creep to the kitchen table. Youre tired; youd only just started your day when you woke up. Still, as usual, you dont want to give up. You force yourself to just fall asleep. You sleep for hours, until you see your reflection in the half-closed bedroom door. You dont know why, but you start to shake your head and youre no longer in your bedroom. Your phone beeps and you groggily pick it up. You get so nervous when you think you might be dreaming, youll turn on anything in the house to try and get out of it. The only thing you can think of is that you must have dreamed something really scary. You get a text from a number you dont recognize. Stay safe, Ill check up on you in a bit.

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