Red-faced Victoria Derbyshire sets record straight as awkward BBC News gaffe goes viral

Victoria Derbyshire is late for headlines due to relatable mishap

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BBC anchor Victoria Derbyshire has fronted some of the country’s biggest moments during political events. Now, she has spoken out following an awkward encounter live on air to the nation.

Oh God, I couldn’t get my very high heels on

Victoria Derbyshire

Victoria, 52, was left red-faced during today’s 9am broadcast when the veteran journalist was fronting the morning bulletin but was out of sight as the camera panned across the studio.

Moments beforehand, she was seen stood behind a desk while bending down as the opening credits began to roll for viewers.

However, as the credits neared the end, Victoria was nowhere to be seen, with the broadcaster’s microphone picking up her heavy breathing before she exclaimed “Oh my God,” while still appearing to struggle.

Several seconds later, Victoria entered the shot, saying: “Sorry about that delay, good morning.”

After the incident went gone viral on social media, Victoria took to Twitter to reveal what exactly had happened at the top of the bulletin.

“What is going on here @vicderbyshire?” asked one curious social media user after he saw the clip.

Victoria responded: “Oh God, I couldn’t get my very high heels on,” alongside a picture of her black stiletto shoes.

While Victoria may have been left feeling somewhat embarrassed about the incident, her followers quickly rushed to the replies to offer their support to her.

“Major shoe envy @vicderbyshire,” said one.

While a second added: “Hahahaha… And did anyone even get to see them??? Btw, they do look lovely [sic].”

“The Gays are DELIGHTED with the heel drama AND the professionalism in that not interrupt between ‘sorry’ and news!”[sic] said another.

“Ha! Made my day,” tweeted a fourth.

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Following the brief incident, Victoria opened the programme discussing today’s top news stories, including GCSE results day.

15 and 16 year-olds up and down the country are today receiving their marks, which has topped previous records.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic disrupting exams, it’s estimated that top grades including 7s/As – A*s rose to 28.9 per cent while grade 4s/Cs and above, known as passes, rose to 77.1 per cent.

Students grades were submitted by teachers based on evidence such as mock examinations, coursework and in-class tests.

Overall, 28.9 per cent of UK GCSE entries were awarded one of the three top grades up by 2.7 percentage points on last year when 26.2 per cent achieved the top grades, figures for England, Wales and Northern Ireland show.

In 2019, when exams were last held, only a fifth (20.8 per cent) of entries achieved at least a 7 – the equivalent of an A grade.

According to figures from Ofqual, the number of 16-year-old pupils in England who entered seven or more GCSEs and received a 9 – the highest grade under the numerical grading system – in all subjects has risen.

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