Real name: Henry Charles Albert David…

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You feel like you cant even describe how much it hurts to do this to her, even if there is a small piece of a song that she was writing for you. And you didnt want to do this to her, in fact you tried to stop once before. It felt so wrong to do it, but you did it. Im sorry, youve done a lot for me. You turn around and put your arms around him for a very long hug, which he returns. My love, the world is a better place because of you. After crying for a long time, you look up at him with tearful eyes. You take his hand and say:I love you. You stand up and say:Lets go home. In the distance, you can hear a familiar, yet distant melody. Its the song you heard when you were cleaning the house. You see a large green building with a blue and gold building around it. You then see a little black girl holding a green umbrella. You walk, slowly, towards the little girl and hug her. Then, you walk away from her and go home. Youve got a dream, but you have no idea what it is about. You feel calm, and you can relax. After getting lost, you passed a man on the street, and a little girl who was crying. A little black dog who was running away from the man. The man jumped out of the car and grabbed the dog. The dog shook his head to the man, and began shaking the mans.

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