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RBeautyGuruYoutube: Pinterest: Instagram: Pinterest, Beauty, R. Thats how it went over when I first told a few close friends that I was working on this Kickstarter project. After the initial shock of it all wore off, one of my friends said,Thats pretty profound. Youve got the whole world in front of you and youre still scared. Your sense of self-worth starts to diminish, and when it starts to, then you feel a lot more secure in your own abilities. As you develop as a person and as youre able to accomplish more, youre more likely to be able to accomplish the tasks left behind by those that came before. Youre more likely to be able to do more than you ever thought you could do. With your support, Ill be able to:- Purchase one better camera, since I had to replace my Nikon D750 with a Sony A7s. This is a more expensive camera, but it has features that the D750 doesnt. Ill be able to use the money that Ill make on the camera to cover the Kickstarter payment. – Im also going to be able to hire a photographer for the shoot, so Ill be able to get a more professional looking photo. I want to make sure that Im getting a deal on what Im paying. – While Im going to be able to get this shoot done for less, I might have to work a little harder at.

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