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A story about love and loss, and how we all go through it, no matter how well we are supposed to handle it. And there is enough space between each story to be able to find more depth and insight in your own life. You try the How many people were in your house. My name is Arie, but I prefer Ar-Jeeze. Im currently 21 years old, Im an American, and I grew up in a middle-class suburb. I also grew up with the people who live in the stories in the stories. My stories do not focus on me, but instead on the peoples lives as theyre being affected by what theyre going through. It makes me feel better when Im able to make another persons day better. It makes me feel better when Im able to cheer them up in a dark time. And it gives me joy when I see them smile in their new found joy. Whats Your Story IsWell if youve already read about the characters, its probably because youre a little too young to know them. Im only telling you about the people in the stories, since the stories are a bit easier to read. In this story, you follow three men in different parts of their lives. Logan is a closeted gay guy who spends his time listening to music that is popular in his area. Hes very much in love with a girl who is also gay, but hes afraid.

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