Ralf Little admits concerns about having children keep him up at night

Death in Paradise: Ralf Little addresses his future on show

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Ralf Little, 42, has been with his fiancée Lindsey Ferrentino, since 2016 and while the pair are set to tie the knot, he doesn’t know whether they will have children. The actor admitted it’s one of the thoughts that “keep him up at night”, wondering whether he wants to bring kids into this world in the state it’s in.

These are things that keep me up at night

Ralf Little

It’s not a brand new question, but one that many people have been asking for years.

In a new interview with The Times, the Death In Paradise star admitted he’s also concerned about the eco-implications.

“That’s the thing,” he shrugged.

And when asked whether he meant the damage children could do to the planet or the kind of world they’ll grow into, he replied: “The latter.

“Again, these are things that keep me up at night.”

He and Lindsey already live across the pond from each other, with their career demands combined with Covid restrictions, meaning FaceTime has become a very important part of their relationship.

The 32-year-old American playwright is based between New York and Florida, and when Ralf is filming the BBC murder mystery series, he’s on the idyllic island of Guadeloupe.

But he’s very cautious about his carbon footprint, and has looked into the viability of crossing the Atlantic by cargo ship.

He confessed: “Would it make any real-world difference?

“No, it wouldn’t. But it would show how seriously I’m taking this.”

Ralf has also just turned vegan, but previously noted that by changing his lifestyle in this way, it would only contribute to around a four percent reduction to his carbon footprint.

And of course, he needs to factor in the new diet when he’s working.

“Though when I’m back in Guadeloupe, I may have to make it pescatarian,” he chuckled of the endless fishing opportunities in the hidden paradise.

Back in September, Ralf shared an alarming article highlighting the climate issues we’re heading towards.

He sighed: “This is why I will keep talking about it despite the many unpleasant responses I get.

“Because there is nothing bigger than ‘a code red for humanity’.

“Some say ‘offer solutions’. Ok. They are, speak up, be angry, be vocal, vote wisely, pressure our leaders into wholesale changes.”

In a separate tweet, he added: “Also for those of you that feel scared but helpless, the solutions are NOT; recycle more, go vegan, get an electric car etc.

“Those things would help, sure, but even now global lifestyle changes would amount to just a 4% reduction.

“Pressure leaders for change, it’s the only way.”

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